We build UV-LED water purification systems for your RV, boat and home, providing access to safe drinking water that is convenient, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Avalon Battery

Avalon's energy storage products incorporate time tested, field proven battery technologies and system components.

Axine Water Technologies

Axine has developed a breakthrough, low-cost, chemical-free solution for treating high concentrations of complex, toxic organics and ammonia in industrial wastewater solving a multi-billion dollar problem for large companies in a wide range of industries.

Carbon Engineering

Carbon Engineering is building technologies to capture CO₂ directly from the atmosphere, and to use that CO2 in the synthesis of clean transportation fuels that displace crude oil.


Chrysalix is a technology focused venture capital company that builds, mentors and connects high-growth companies.

Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy provides purpose-engineered energy storage solutions for marine, oil & gas and port applications. Corvus Energy has the largest installed base of ESSs with the largest number of projects completed in the maritime industry.

Dark Vision

The company has developed a new ultrasound-based imaging technology used to image the inside of oil and gas wells. With a clear picture of the inner working of their wells, oil and gas operators can make smart decisions that reduce operating costs, increase production, improve well integrity and minimize environmental impacts. 


Ecotagious is a team of mathematical geeks have spent years developing complex algorithms that can analyze smart meter data and pull out the fingerprints left by certain appliances.


Etalim is a Canadian high technology company developing a breakthrough form of modular power generation from waste heat, natural gas or other renewable or traditional fuels.

Evok Innovations

Evok Innovations is a cleantech fund that accelerates the development and commercialization of solutions to the most pressing environmental and economic challenges facing the oil and gas sector today. 

General Fusion

Fusion energy is a clean, safe, abundant and on-demand alternative for power generation. General Fusion is developing the world’s first commercially-viable fusion power plant.

Hydra Energy

Vancouver-based venture that’s powering a cleaner future by helping commercial fleet operators upgrade their vehicles to run dual fuel with hydrogen – at zero upfront cost.

Hydrogen in Motion

Hydrogen In Motion (H2M) is developing mobile hydrogen storage tanks and will deliver these tanks to owners of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for them to use with their hydrogen fuel equipment or vehicles. 


Inventys has developed a post-combustion CO₂ capture process that uses adsorbent structures. Cheaper, non-toxic, and more efficient than amine solutions, structured adsorbents are the future of carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery and greenhouse gas reduction.

LOOP Energy

Our focus is providing affordable fuel cell power modules for leading medium-to-heavy duty truck and bus manufacturers who want to gain an edge in the competitive zero-emission industry and eliminate toxic diesel from urban environments.


MineSense is a pioneer in digital mining solutions, providing real-time, sensor-based ore sorting for large-scale mines.


From industry leading energy monitoring and control technology to sophisticated analytics, we are changing how energy is used and managed in a home.

Pangaea Ventures

Pangaea is the world leader in advanced materials venture capital. We invest in start-up companies using advanced materials to make our world better.


Saltworks Technologies offers industry leading technologies and services for treating challenging wastewater. We deliver cost effective and reliable treatment trains for industrial water that has high salt and ammonia concentrations.


Semios is the leader in onsite sensing, big data and predictive analytics solutions for perennial agricultural crops.


Terramera is a sustainable agriculture cleantech company developing safe and effective plant-based products, and replacements to synthetic conventional chemical pesticides & fertilizers.